How Men’s Boots are Made

If you are a lover of boots, then perhaps you’ve wondered how they made. If you have, then you’ll definitely love this article. We’ll take a brief look at how your favorite piece of footwear is made.

When it comes to quality boots, most of them are made from real leather and are run through a rather complex process to deliver the pieces of heaven that you wear on your feet.

Let’s run through the main processes we do here at YRX Boots:


The obvious first step in making a boot is design. Many companies run surveys, talk to customers, look at history and many other sources to determine the best design for the boot. That information goes to designers who then come up with a design. That design is then reviewed to ensure that it is perfect. Sometimes a computer or even physical model may be created. Designs that are accepted are then sent to the factory with all the specs that will serve as both a map for producing the boot and a standard against which the complete boot is measured. The design process will also include material selection to decide the best materials to create the boot


The first step of making a physical boot is the process of cutting the leather into the pieces that will be needed for the boot. This is done in the cutting room, where the pieces are cut with a die cutter, kind of like how a cookie cutter works


Next, the cut pieces of the leather are sewn together to make the upper of the boot. This happens in the fitting room. Quality boots may require over 200 hand operations in total. ‘In the fitting room, sub-assemblies are sewn together followed by the quarters are sewn together, then the eyelets are attached. The final steps involve joining the gusset (soft piece of leather beneath the laces) and the vamp, that is the front of the shoe.


The next stage is called Lasting, where craftsmen ensure that the boots will actually fit the feet. A last is a hard piece of either plastic, wood or cardboard in the shape of a foot. It creates the shapes of the boot and defines what the boot will look like when completed. Once the bots have been lasted, the last stays in the boot till it’s completely finished.


The next step is where the outsole is added to the uppers. Outsoles can be made of actual rubber, as well as creep or polyurethane. Different companies have various ways of attaching the outsoles to the upper, and these styles are what make the boots last as long as they do.


The final stage is where finishing touches are added, before the boots are shipped to stores or customers. The lasts are removed, the boots polished, laces are added, and then the boots are wrapped and boxed.

So, there you have it, you now have an idea of how your boots are made.



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